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Connecticut Child Welfare Specialists - Direct-to-Client Advocate Services

Connecticut child welfare specialists provide a range of in-person, over-the-phone, and virtual child protective services throughout the state. Oftentimes, school district administrators, child protection system social workers, and provider organizations do not take parents at their word or view their contributions to child services planning in a valuable manner. With the support of an educational advocate in Connecticut at the table, the same facts and observations offered by parents are received as important, factual, and valuable. With a child protection advocate in Connecticut by your side, your voice is heard. We help amplify and clarify what your child and family's needs are to ensure the earliest, most appropriate, and most effective accommodations and interventions are explored. The very best outcomes for your child and family are achievable when action is taken early. 

Special Education Services Advocate

Do you need an Advocate for parent placement team meeting to discuss your child's progress and explore your concerns, do you feel heard? Have you requested specific evaluations or timely 504/IEP accommodations with school staff, but the conversations never lead to action? Is the school district responsive to your concerns? Having child protection advocates connecticut by your side helps compel school administrators to listen, order evaluations and act sooner rather than later. Bringing advocates for parent placement team meeting can be expensive and often prevents from building a report between the two parties, with the BOE bringing in their own. Available Special Education Services can help you help your child in school and in life and is a far more cost-effective first step.

Special Education

Services - $200/hr. 

Child Welfare Investigation-Attachment Disruption Advocate

Parents in Connecticut and other states who have never d​ealt with the are unsure of how to react when certain needs aris​e. Children who have undergone significant trauma, as well as those with brain disorders and other special needs, frequently exhibit a variety of puzzling behaviours, emotional outbursts, and instability, as well as say things that give the impression that they have been mistreated or neglected. Furthermore, complex care or treatment is frequently accessed through the developmental trauma services. Learn about your rights and enlist the aid of an attachment disruption advocates before allowing the social worker into your home and the Department into your life to safeguard your children from a traumatic and unjustified removal.

Child Protective Services

Connecticut - $150 per hour.

Behavioral Health Care Access Advocate

Accessing the range of your child's needs can be difficult in many states. The demands of your child can be taxing, and you may find that your patience is constantly being tested by fear and fatigue. It can be overwhelming to comprehend the requirements of your state, such as those listed below.

The following factors must be considered:

1. Service selection

2. Access points

3. Funding strategies

4. Complex care system expectations

5. Insurance restrictions and

6. Clinical models of care in emergency mobile crisis response, 911,

7. The emergency room, and access to acute inpatient psychiatric care.

Let our Connecticut child welfare experts break it down, organize it for you, and guide you through the various systems.

Children Behavioral Health

Services Connecticut - $125/hr.

 Child protection attorneys connecticut Support Services

Advocates for parent placement team meeting for our clients in cases involving child welfare, special education, and special needs are available to assist with client defence. Some clients need more hands-on assistance or a one-off, developmental trauma services, such as a connection to unconventional services, help with paperwork, housekeeping or repairs, or other specialised support. FFACT can be useful in exploring developmental trauma services. Schedule a call with connecticut child welfare specialists right away to discuss concepts for providing your client with a support for holistic growth.

Connecticut child welfare specialists. Serving families everywhere.

What our clients are saying

Our FFACT advocate...went above and beyond...supporting [our] family in a unique, holistic and relatable way. She was everything we never knew we needed. She ignited [my] self-confidence!

Jackey B., Connecticut

I am thankful for Family Forward and how their services and support helped my family. [Their] collective experience [helped me] navigate the multiple intricate systems... and gave me insight into complex trauma and the effects on [my] child and family...


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find child protection attorneys connecticut?

Answer- There are many solo advocates practicing in Connecticut area, although taking them to PPT meeting may not be a very feasible option. Contact us on the given numbers or mail us, we will be there for you before you know it.

Who are special education advocate connecticut?

Answer- A mentor who helps you navigate the special education system. A licence or certification are not required to work as an advocate. They are capable of

1. Offering suggestions on educational services

2. Offering instructional strategies or behaviour management plans

3. Discussing assistive technology with you.

4. Explaining the workings of your community's educational system.

Who are special education attorney connecticut?

Answers- Legal issues relating to special education are assisted by these Attorneysl. Attorneys have specialized training. An attorney can:

2. Act as your advocate during a fair trial or impartial hearing.

3. Act as your advocate during a fair trial or impartial hearing.

4. Advocate for you in court, either state or federal

What is reactive attachment disorder support?

Answer- When a baby or child does not develop a strong attachment with their primary carer, they are said to have reactive attachment disorder (RAD). These kids struggle to control their emotions, which makes building and maintaining relationships challenging for them.

Our attachment disruption advocates know how to guide you in the process of healing and support you throughout the process. 

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