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Denise Cox

Meet Denise Cox, a remarkable individual whose journey has been as diverse as it has been inspiring. Hailing from the vibrant city of Philadelphia, Denise embarked on her academic pursuits at Drexel University, setting the stage for a life rich with experiences and accomplishments.

For a quarter-century, Denise found herself immersed in the enchanting worlds of Disney and Warner Brothers, where her passion and dedication shone through in every endeavor. However, recognizing the need to recalibrate the frenetic pace of the fashion industry, she transitioned into the realm of fine jewelry design, a realm where creativity and reflection harmoniously intertwine. This shift not only allowed Denise to express her artistic flair but also enabled her to embrace a more balanced and deliberate lifestyle.

Denise's life took an emotional turn after a loving marriage of 25 years, during which she discovered the power of teamwork and shared dreams. Together with her husband, she transformed his aspiration into reality by co-creating a thriving race/repair automotive shop in Danbury, CT. Their journey was emblematic of partnership, a testament to the strength that two hearts can muster when united in purpose.

In a beautiful testament to their commitment to making a difference, Denise and her late husband opened their hearts and home to a 2 ½-year-old daughter from Hungary. A daughter who would later inspire Denise's unwavering dedication to raising mental health awareness. This journey has not been without its challenges, as Denise's daughter navigated the complex landscape of mental health. Witnessing the struggles firsthand ignited a fervent desire within Denise to help others on their own tumultuous paths.

Guided by her passion for bringing about positive change, Denise aligned herself with Family Forward Advocacy. This platform became the vessel through which she channeled her energies, fostering mental health awareness programs within communities and offering invaluable guidance to parents grappling with similar challenges. Denise's commitment springs from her understanding that mental illness often treads a lonely path, concealed behind closed doors. Her message resounds loud and clear: "You are not alone."

Having weathered the storm of loss and solitude following her husband's passing, Denise found renewed strength in the embrace of kindred spirits. Cheri and Maureen, founders of FFACT, offered a lifeline that rekindled her spirit and reignited her passion for making a difference. With an unwavering belief that life unfolds one step at a time, Denise stands as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that every choice we make has the power to sculpt a more compassionate world.

Denise's journey has been a profound reminder that no one stands alone. Through her own trials and triumphs, she has emerged as a source of unwavering support for those traversing the treacherous terrain of mental health challenges. Her story is a resounding affirmation that solidarity can transform lives, and with the strength of shared purpose, we can all move forward into brighter horizons. As she fervently asserts, "You are not alone," and she stands ready to uplift others with her narrative, just as her late husband once uplifted her.

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