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FFACT works with media partners, advocacy organizations, and individual advocates from around the country to increase awareness around the impact of early trauma on children, and drive effective parent advocacy practices in an effort to address flawed child-serving systems in place to help. Find links to various news stories, documentaries, feature editorials, TedTalks, and more here. These links are intended to both inspire and inform, educate and grow hope. 

Media Coverage (CT) - Childhood Trauma and Children's Behavioral Health

Child Mental Health Care Access, Custody for Care, Trauma

Custody for care
child behavioral health
child mental health care access
Identifying trauma in young children
Custody for Care
Mentally Ill Youth in Crisis
Pediatric mental health cases climb
custody for care, child welfare reform

Advocacy - How Parent Voice Informs Change

CT-Network Programming, Rallys, Interviews, PR, Seminars, Community Outreach

Custody for Care Reform

2/7/17 Children's Committee Hearing

HB 6297 Testimony (w/others)

Advocacy, parent voice
NRP Moring Edition, Christine Herman
Acknowledging Childhood Trauma

Education/ Special Education - Tools for Parents 

Special Education Services, a specialized area most parents are ill-prepared to navigate, become very important to those raising children with behavioral health needs. Learn more at

CT Coastal Acadamy.webp

Connecticut Coastal Academy

Special Education Day School

Information - Informing Child Serving System Reform

Ted Talks, Films, Podcast Interveiws

Molly McGrath-Tierney
childhood trauma
I am Adam Lanza's Mother
Benjamin Williams, school tp prison pipeline
brain health, mental illness


Genesight, Inc.

Are your child's medications absorbed as intended?

CT School & State Finance Project

Research Your School District

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