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Our Mission

Family Forward Advocacy CT (FFACT) is dedicated to supporting parents raising children impaired by Complex Developmental Trauma (CDT), attachment disruption, and those formed through adoption.


FFACT advocates for parents, develops parent partnerships, and strives to strengthen family integrity practices across child-serving systems. We build awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the impact of attachment disruption on children and their families, and we empower the voices of parents committed to both parenting through trauma and advocating for change.


Parents Parenting Thru Trauma knows how hard and often dangerous it can be to support, contain, and keep traumatized kids safe. If you found us, you know what that journey feels like. Our mission includes building you up, giving you tools, and making sure you know you are not alone.

Our Vision

  • build awareness about the impact of early childhood trauma through direct service advocacy, social media campaigns, PR, and by generating feature stories

  • provide parent mentoring, coaching, and parenting strategies for bonding and safety

  • Offer a framework to support parents who desire to lead public policy change

  • educate the general public on the need for trauma competent services for kids and the experience of their parents

  • circulate information and connect parents in the trenches thru gatherings & networking

  • inform public policy to ensure respectful, responsive and trauma-competent services and providers are accessible to all

  • grow a collective parent voice informing change across the country

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