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Advocate Representation:

CPS Investigations

Special Education Matters

Behavioral Health Care

Tailored Defense Attorney

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Therapeutic Parenting Coaching


Virtual and In-person Forums


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Virtual Parent Support Groups

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We Strive to Help our Clients Navigate Systems
Parent Advocacy Through Effective Communication

Ensuring family integrity starts with active listening. We listen. Then, we support parents through direct, system-specific advocate consulting services, lived-experience-informed educational courses, and the sharing of information and resources with proven value. Our mission is about more than just family integrity though. It's about building a culture of parent partnerships across child-serving systems and in child-service delivery.


Keeping families formed through adoption or kinship placement and parents raising kids impacted by primary caregiver separation or traumatic circumstances secure takes more than surface conversations. Parenting in the trauma trenches takes attachment disruption insight, relationship-building strategies, and astute analysis. It takes patience, compassion, and connection with those who have walked in your shoes. For those struggling to parent kids diagnosed with Developmental Trauma, C-PTSD, Complex Trauma or Reactive Attachment Disorder, or kids with high Adverse Childhood Experiences histories, we offer a virtual Kitchen Counter Chit-Chat, our version of a parent support group, and a podcast series, 'Parenting Thru Trauma'.


All of our services, offerings, and links are designed to support parents, encourage and support child/family healing, support family integrity, build parent voice, and ensure the rights of parents to parent, and families to thrive. 

Our Services

We Support Families in a Variety of Ways
Advocacy ~ Education ~ Legal Defense Support ~ Mentoring ~ Outreach

Your generous contribution helps us provide pro bono and sliding scale services to families and parents in need of help and hope. Parents raising kids with significant trauma-rooted impairments often experience reduced household income, professional setbacks, anxiety, fear and fatigue, community and family alienation, emergency and unpredictable child welfare scrutiny and clinical services, and legal costs.

We work with clients who need encouragement, respite, and support often experiencing their own trauma-informed stress and exhaustion, regardless of their ability to pay.
Although we are currently registered as a for-profit entity, and we serve families and lobby lawmakers to inform legislative change vigorously without the support of funding, we encourage donations. Our mission informs our work. Your generosity fuels that work. Help us help others find help and hope. Please give generously.

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Kitchen Counter Chit-Chat

A virtual "support group" for parents and guardians parenting through trauma and adoption, navigating child-serving systems, and raising kids affected by significant Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Our peer community meets twice a month. It's a casual "kitchen counter" experience, delivered via Zoom. It does not matter where you are located geographically and you do not need to be a service client. Join us to listen, learn, and share. You are not alone.


Click the links below to register.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the group.


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