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Depressed child, Adverse Childhood experiences

Therapeutic Parenting Bootcamp

Monthly Live Forum

An FFACT ACTion Team member will join Co-Founders, Maureen & Cheryl, and a special guest, for a panel discussion followed by a LIVE Q&A. Attendees will be encouraged to submit questions in the chat. Monthly topics will vary and rotate, and will include:

  • Children's Behavioral Health Services Array Access: what they need. when they need it, and how to get it

  • Child Welfare as a Clinical Services Doorway: what works, what doesn't

  • Juvenile Justice: The Default System

  • Special Education: categories, accommodations & cost

  • The Funding Shell Game: who pays when?

  • Policy Reform: your voice is a powerful tool

This is a Zoom platform virtual meeting event.

Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions of our Team and special guests. Tap into our network of professional attorneys, advocates, clinicians, psychologists, social workers, and others.

  • First Friday of each month @ 12 PM

  • Space is limited to 12 attendees

  • An 80-minute panel discussion and 30-minute Q&A with a 10 min break

This page is currently under development. To inquire about immediate direct services, email us at OR contact us via our Contact Us page.

Family Forward ACTion Trainings & Webinars

Therapeutic Parenting Tips & Strategies 

Recorded Webinar

Family Forward Advocacy CT co-founders, Maureen & Cheryl, will discuss therapeutic models and strategies they used to support their adopted sibling groups. They'll talk about techniques that provided benefit, no benefit, and those strategies that backfire. The highly respected trauma-competent therapist, Dr. Laura Langston of Touch Points, LLC, will explore the depths of trauma and attachment disruption-rooted behaviors at various ages and stages of brain development.

This is a 50-Minute pre-recorded Webinar. A link will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your processed purchase.

Available for purchase as of March 1st, 2023.

Policy Reform ACTion Planning Training

Activate Your Voice

Coaching for Parents in the Trenches:

A Systemic Change Blueprint

Become a change agent, a credible and effective voice in your state. Passion and purpose are great, but you need a plan. Learn to set achievable goals, network with stakeholders, lobby lawmakers, build a coalition and inform state agency policies and practices to better support parents raising kids affected by brain disorders, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and other complex needs.

This course will focus on six components:

  • Setting a Course - the plan and desired outcome

  • Building a Network - coalition & collaborations

  • Framing your Message - issue, image, and phrasing

  • Policy Lobby Strategy - lawmakers & politics

  • Bill Activism - constituents call to action

  • Using the Media - influencing public opinion

As a follow-up, we'll also help you find expanded advocacy training in your area to support you and grow your powerful voice.

This is a "jump start" course comprised of six 2-hour segments. The course will be offered in July/August 2023

Direct Services: Virtual, By Phone or In-Person

Coaching ~ Mentoring ~ Representation

(Fee per hour services)